Ted Reynolds

The Story Of Ted’s Lunch

Ted’s Lunch began when some time around the year 2000 Ted called up two recently retired colleagues and suggested a get together for a friendly chat. He told each of them that the other was feeling a bit down and needed some friendly support (true in each case). It was such a great lunch that they decided to do it again and to each ask another work mate along … and so it has continued ever since, every fourth Thursday of the month. After Ted died in February 2010 the lunch continued in his honour and the number of happy lunchers has continued to grow.

20080124_0466 Bob Hawke gathers a crowd20071025TedReynolds_@HisLunch2004_0544NoelCantrill_TedReynolds_BillPhilips 2004_0534BillPeach_TedReynolds_PaulineThomas
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